Advantages and disadvantages of automated testing of software

Maximum efficiency of the use of test automation is dependent on the ratio of the disadvantages and advantages, which uses automation. We touch on a few disadvantages and advantages of automation, so that you can make the right decision when determining the need for automation.

Advantages of testing automation:
1) Autotest do the same steps, actions, scenarios under a different test environment, thus avoid skipping errors that were missed by the developer or tester by negligence, inadvertently or other reasons.
2) It will help to reduce some amount of manual testing of employees. It takes only engineer test automation. Testers can do other useful things during the execution of automated tests (or you can run the auto-tests in the evening to see the results in the morning).
3) Fast execution of tests — a lot of checks arein the automated test scripts, it help you tosave the execution testing time and eliminates the need to search for necessary information in the technical requirements. Automatic generation of reports immediately after passing the Autotest.
5) The time spent on the support of scripts become smaller with the growth of number of scripts

Disadvantages of Test Automation:
1) The repeatability and uniformity Autotest intest case or scenarios. This disadvantage cuzmanual tester can pay attention to some details, and after spending a few additional operations to find a defect
2) One of the misconceptions – automation always works! Unfortunately this is not always, not yet invented artificial intelligence for automated tests. Several autotests are can to fall down after a new release or commit, after that it is necessary to refine auto-tests again!
3) The costs of the development automated tests significantly time consuming and rather complicated process in the early stages. In the complex automated tests have frameworks, utilities, libraries, and others who need to test and debug, and this takes a lot of time.
4) The cost of the tool to automate – in the case if you are using licensed software, the cost can be quite high, but there is a free open source tools.
5) Automatic tests can miss small errors, which are not covered in the autotests scripts. Amanual tester for testing can pay attention to minor error on the web page or a software.

To make the right decision about the appropriateness of automation software tasting you need more advantages than disadvantages
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